Industries we connect


Food and Beverage

By default food and beverage should be delivered fresh and in perfect conditions.

Whether you have fresh vegetables, frozen ice cream, or anything in between, we can arrange the shipment of your temp-controlled freight.

We’ll assist you with:

  • Packaged and temp- controlled truckload
  • Packaged and temp- controlled LTL
  • Dry and temp- controlled intermodal
  • Temp controlled warehousing
  • Multi-temp shipments
  • E-commerce or Direct to Consumer

Keeping food safe to eat is paramount. The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is transforming the nation’s food safety system into one that is based on the prevention of foodborne illnesses. We stay updated on these regulations and have processes in place to stay compliant.

Our expertise reflects on the number of branches belonging to the food industry. Find below some we take pride with

  • Agriculture (crops, animal products)
  • Seafood
  • Fruit production and horticulture
  • Food manufacturing (agrichemicals, farm machinery, seed, supplies, etc.)
  • Food processing
  • Grocery (markets and retail)
  • Foodservice (catering, restaurants, cafeterias)
  • Food technology (research and development)



In this industry everything is about keeping the wheel turning. One shipment lost, late or damaged can shut down production. Manufacturers have to deliver on high service, while control freight cost and other commodities.

The size of your load does not matter and we will find the best solution for you, whether your business is seasonal, or your need one full truck or you employ 1000 flatbeds every month. We, at AGL will find the best solution to move your goods across USA, holding in mind that time is money and we need to keep it simple.

AGL will find the most reliable solution to keep your supply chain up and running.

  • Primary truckload capacity
  • Spot truckload capacity
  • Flatbed and open deck
  • Intermodal
  • LTL

Working with us you will ensure that your business gets competitive and fixed contracted rates for the high-volume, primary lanes you run consistently.

What is a single point of contact? Certainty, predictability and personalized solutions for your unique requirements. All you need in one place, one partner to support your freight movements across the country


Retail Logistics

In the age of speed light, consumers have high expectation and the retails need to deliver accordingly. 

To execute a modern retail supply chain, you need agile capacity and readily-available assets — not only for the last mile, but for every mile along the way.

We, at AGL, we identify customizable solutions to fit your shipping needs.